MuSA 2017 Programme

THURSDAY, 6th July 2017

18:30 Registration

19.30 Reception

20.00 Symposium Concert (venue t.b.c)

FRIDAY, 7th July 2017

9:30 - 10:00 Registration

10:15 Welcoming comments and introduction

Session 1

Chair: John Dack

10:30   Josh Horsley (University of Central Lancashire, UK) & Magda Stawarska-Beavan (University of Central Lancashire, UK)
Bosphorus: A practice-based investigation into borders and collaboration

11:00   Neil Luck (University of York, UK)
Operatic mass actions: A report on a collaborative ‘City-Opera’ project for Aarhus

11:30-11:45 Coffee/tea

Session 2

Chair: Tbc

11:45   Roberto Zanata (Foggia Conservatory, Italy); Federica Pau (Institute Catholique de Toulouse – Equipe de recherche Métaphysique, histoire, concepts, actualité); Cristina Marras (unaffiliated)
Soundscapes: Re-Sound/Su Sonu Torrau

12:15   Vadim Keylin (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Between bodies and data: Modalities of participation in sound art

12:45-13:45 LUNCH

13:45 - 14:45 KEYNOTE (Audio and Video presentations)

Speaker: Prof Dr Elena Ungeheuer with Gerriet K. Sharma (University of Wurzburg)

Title: Space, Power and Imagination. Toward a Non-Geometrical Understanding of Today's Spatialized Music

Chair: Thomas Troge

14:45-15:00 Tea/coffee

Session 3

Chair: TBC

15:00  Martin Link (University of Münster, Germany)
Thema (Omaggio a Joyce): Crossing the border of meaning

15:30  Guro Ronningsgrind (unaffiliated)
Embodied postmodernity: John Cage’s music in dialogue with material feminism

16:00-16:15 Tea/coffee

Session 4

Chair: Mine Dogantan-Dack

16:15  Agata Kubiak (London College of Music, University of West London, UK)
Engineering the avoidance of canonical reference in music performance: A study of string players

16:45 Eitan Ornoy (Levinsky College of Education/Zefat Academic College, Israel)
On feelings and enculturation: Emotional Reaction to western classical music by Israeli Jews and Arabs

19:00 Symposium Concert (Venue: TBA)

Gerriet K. Sharma: I-LAND (Duration: 50 mins)

SATURDAY, 8th July 2017

Session 5

Chair: John Dack

10:00  Paul Doornbusch (Australian College of the Arts, Australia)
History of computer music in Australia and England

10:30  Pablo Cuevas (Cologne University, Germany)
Dynamic borders: Technology and identity in the early electroacoustic music of Latin American composers

11:00  James Mooney (Leeds University, UK)
‘The instrument tells me what to do’: Case studies in reconstructing practical knowledge in the performance of historic electroacoustic music

11:30-11:45  Tea/coffee

Session 6

Chair: James Mooney

11:45  John Dack (Middlesex University, UK)
Analysis of ‘Open Forms’: Problems and Approaches

12:15  Sean Williams (Open University, UK)
Organic to electronic and vice versa: Acoustic and electronic noise through Stockhausen’s compositional practice

12:45-13:45 LUNCH

13:45 - 14:45 KEYNOTE

Speaker: Marcelo Wanderley (McGill University, Canada)

Title: Crossing Borders - Interdisciplinarity in Music Research and Performance

Chair: Thomas Troge

14:45-15:00 Coffee/tea

Session 7

Chair: Mine Dogantan-Dack

15:00  Christiane Strothmann (ICEM, Folkwang University, Germany)
Investigating the Tibetan concept of ‘nga-ro’: A practical example for the entanglement of science and art

15:30  Matthew Sergeant (Bath Spa University, UK)
Queered orientation(s): Re-imagining the taxonomy and interrelation of musical materials in The Velvet Rage (2017)

16:00-16:15  Coffee/tea

Session 8

Chair: Sean Williams

16:15  Victoria Tzotzkova (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Creative agency at the covergence of theory, history and performance: The current-day promise of Romantic preluding practices

16:45  Mine Dogantan-Dack (unaffiliated)
Crossing the threshold: From the page to the stage

19:00 Symposium Concert venue: TBA

SUNDAY, 9th July 2017

Session 9

Chair: John Dack

10:00   Oscar Abela (Leeds College of Music, UK) & Scott Hewitt (Leeds College of Music)
Ongoing experiments in making a frustrating, installation-based digital musical instrument

10:30  Emmanuel Largeron (University of Plymouth, UK) , Duncan Williams (University of Plymouth, UK) & Eduardo Miranda (University of Plymouth, UK)
Audience participation through Digital Signal Processing for sound synthesis, composition and performance


11:00-11:15 Coffee/tea

Session 10


11:15 Marc Estibeiro (Staffordshire University, UK)
Transcending borders between the acoustic and the electroacoustic: Redefining boundaries through composition for sensor enhanced bass clarinet

11:45  Takuto Fukuda (CIRMMT, McGill University, Canada)
Interaction of the acoustic and electroacoustic: A Gamified approach

12:15-12:30 Coffee/tea

Session 11

Chair: Mine Dogantan-Dack

12:30  Larry Goves (Royal Northern College of Music, UK)
Multimodal performer interaction as a creative compositional parameter

13:00 Pedro Bittencourt (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)& João Svidzinski (CICM, University of Paris 8, France)
Operational object-oriented musical composition and participatory performance in Taurus for tenor saxophone and live electronics

14:00 End of MuSA 2017 Conference.